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August 2018

Tree Climbing

Saturday 18th August to Sunday 19th August at Marks Hall

Tree climbing at Marks Hall promises to be an exciting outdoor adventure activity, and gives a unique opportunity to get up close with some of the amazing trees we have here in the Arboretum.

Two highly skilled and friendly instructors can help all ages reach new heights. They will teach you how to enter a tree’s canopy using ropes, knots and karabiners, whilst being securely attached in a harness at all times. Once at the top of the tree you will gain an experience which can’t be found on the ground whilst hanging out in the canopy. All climbers will have constant supervision from instructors and will be instructed throughout the climb. Each session is run for up to 8 people, creating a unique and intimate experience.

You must select the time slot that you wish to be climbing the tree, and are required to arrive on site 30 minutes before that time.

Please read the terms and conditions before making your booking.

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